What To Expect From Md Plastics

Better Melt

Posi-Melt™ Screws – The best in plasticating screw design. Free consultation for professionals looking to improve melt quality.

  • Posi-Melt™ Screws
  • Bi-Metallic Barrels
  • Tool Steel Barrels

Better Melt

Temp-Sense Melt Profiler™ – Continuously monitor actual inline melt temperature. Set alarms for when melt temp is out of range.

  • Melt Profiler™ Systems
  • Temp-Sense™ Melt Sensor
  • Technology

Better Melt

Innovative Inject-Ex™ system ensures each pellet undergoes the exact same melt history as it travels from the hopper to the nozzle tip.

  • MDP™ Non-Return Valves
  • Mini-Shut™ Nozzle Tips
  • Inject-Ex™ Plasticating Systems

Better Melt

A simple-to-use, truly universal mechanical purging compound. Perfect for color and material changes. Thrives on problem materials.

  • Barrel Blitz™ Universal Purging Compound