Posi-Melt™ “XLA”

Posi-Melt™ “XLA”

The revolutionary Multi-Purpose™ Posi-Melt™ screw is the Ultimate Multi-Purpose screw for tough injection molding applications. The “XLA” design adds a high degree of additional melting and mixing to the polymer making this design one of the most advanced designs in the world. Repeat-ability and melt homogeneity are the basis for high productivity from an injection unit. From a process engineering perspective, the control variables that help us determine the correct injection screw design are: Resin type, Residence time, Swept volume, Plasticating rate, Screw torque, Cycle time, Melt temperature and Melt homogeneity. When the application demands precise color match with residence times lower than 90 seconds only an advanced design such as the “XLA” will be able to deliver a quality molded part


  • Channel volume controlled by previous channel meter depths for low pressure loss.
  • Disruption of melt stream with extensional strain, relaxation and cross flow for distributive mixing.
  • SMQI of at least 6.0 times better than a GP design.


  • Meter depths designed for maximum throughput.
  • Average of 45% more exposure to the barrel wall for more efficient melting.
  • Stepped design adds a high degree of mixing to the melt stream.


  • Extended melting lengths compared to a standard GP design.
  • More thorough melting while using a low compression design.
  • Large leading and trailing flight radii for pressurized flight channels and no material contamination.
  • Positive feeding pressure, designed to feed even the “hard to feed materials”.
  • Low RMS value for better solids conveying.
  • Consistent recovery times on all screw sizes.
  • Feed lengths based on resin type and application.