Poly Clear Prime

The Poly Clear Prime product is by far the most impressive and easy to use polyolefin Hybrid purging compound on the market today, in some cases requiring only 8% of what you would normally use to purge clean.

Poly Clear Prime has proven itself in Blow Molding to be without equal, be it multi-head 200ml bottles all the way up to 3000 litre IBC’s, on Pipe Extrusion, Poly Clear Prime can even change from black PE100 to yellow PE80 on basket dies historically the “holy grail” of achievements and Injection molding, through screws and barrels and hot runners and clearing antistatic ESD materials.

Poly Clear Prime typically carries out color changes using a 10% of the quantity of commodity polymer typically required in 15% of the time on blow molding and extrusion, whereas on injection molding through Hot Runners you can expect 20% material and 50% of the time

Poly Clear Prime is also exceptional for removing carbonized deposits off metal surfaces in all the above processes using a combination of surfactants and five different procedures depending on severity.

Overall, Poly Clear Prime enables a significant improvement in the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) metric for profitable polymer processing businesses.