Melt-Profiler™ II System

Stand-Alone System With Alarm Capability

The Melt-Profiler™ II System is capable of reading two sensors. It also has an audible alarm that can be triggered if the melt temperature is out of range. This is a very affordable way to ensure your melt temperature is where it needs to be.

The Melt-Profiler™ II System Includes:

One Temp-Sense™ Sensor 

One stand-alone model 603 Data Acquisition Device (DAQ) with audible alarm and capability to read two Temp-Sense™ sensors.

And a CD that has the proprietary data logger software.

The customer must supply a window-based device for viewing. The customer is also responsible for machining the hole where the Temp-Sense™ sensor will be located, which is typically in the nozzle body or end cap of the molding machine. Please give us a call before ordering, so we can determine if there is enough steel in the nozzle body or end cap for the sensor to be fitted correctly.