Advanced Melt-Sensing and Math Modeling System for Injection Molding

The New Melt-IQ™ system uses a proprietary embedded board with 24bit precision ADC, powerful microchip processor, HMI display, its own power supply and industrial housing to read our unique micro-bead Temp-Sense™ melt sensor that is placed into the distal end of the injection molding machine’s end cap, nozzle cylinder, or last to fill cavity.  The thermal-mechanical energy that is imparted into the polymer during the molding cycle is converted to work and measured in thermal units.  Every mold-machine-polymer reveals a unique thermal template and the mathematical relationships of PVT allow us to calculate the mass displacement for each shot.  The speed of our processor is now capable of calculating an integral in milliseconds which allows us to learn the amount of work necessary to “Fill” the mold,  then used to “Control” the Velocity   Pressure (VP) switch point during the injection forward phase of the cycle.  We have closed the loop between the mold and the machine by looking at the polymer melt, using the laws of physics and our advanced proprietary math models to make perfect parts!    

  • Can determine when a Good or Bad part is made
  • Measures mass displacement for each shot
  • Detects variations in polymer viscosity
  • Can provide closure of a SSR to control the VP switch point
  • Measures Real Time Melt Temperature
  • Can turn any machine in the world into a 5-Star quality control manager

The Melt-IQ™ System Includes:

One Temp-Sense™ Sensor 

One Melt-IQ™ System 

As well as a Hopper Sensor and Power Supply.