Performance Non-Return Valve

Proven Design Offers Precise Shutoff, High Flow, And The Lowest Pressure Drop!

Our patented (patent# 7,527,493) MDP™ Performance Non-Return Valve is used throughout the world by both injection molders and molding machine OEMs. Its success is tied directly to its performance.

With more molders opting to instill scientific molding systems into their process, they must rely on non-return valves that shut off quickly and maintain shutoff through the full stroke of the screw. The MDP™ Performance Non-Return Valve assures injection molders that this critical function is achieved in a reliable and repeatable manner. If your non-return valves are not giving you the results you need, then please give us a call. We can help!


  • Simple two or three-piece sliding ring design
  • High flow
  • Lowest pressure drop in the industry
  • Works with all polymers
  • Extremely accurate with or without decompression
  • Multiple construction options
  • Virtual elimination of adhesive wear due to advanced hydraulic flow and a solid WC front seat
  • Proven performance – used by molders and OEMS throughout the world


  • Quick and precise shut off results in low part weight variance
  • High throughput
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long wear life
  • Multi-purpose applications
  • Quick material changeovers
  • Proven material savings
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Competitive pricing