High Performance Plasticating Barrels

Design Types: Vented – Injection – Extrusion - Blow Mold – LSR – 3D Print – Rubber

Md Plastics offers high performance barrel construction options for corrosion and abrasion wear
process environments. Upon application review, our technical sales staff carefully selects the
optimum barrel bore compatible with the feed screw, resin, and application process.

Barrel options are available for injection molding, extrusion, blow mold, LSR, 3-D print, and
rubber machinery groups. Our size capabilities range in size from 14MM (0.551 IN) to 250MM (9.84 IN) ID bore size with a maximum length of 6604 mm (260IN).

A bimetallic cylinder commonly referred to as a barrel consists of two different metals bonded together. The ID liner is a metallic alloy designed to form a hard abrasion and corrosion wear resistant liner. The liner is uniform down the length of the cylinder bore. It is precision honed to a close tolerance fit between the feed screw outer flight land diameter and the barrel ID. The outer backing steel material is constructed from high strength steel alloys. Liners are bound into the ID through centrifugal casting, sintering and interference fit methods. When required Injection barrels are fitted with high-pressure sleeves at the discharge end.


  • Bonded inseparable bore liner
  • High strength alloy backing material
  • Mated to screw and process material
  • Bimetallic construction
  • Reasonably priced


  • Maximum efficiency in energy transfer
  • Maximum strength & pressure rating
  • Maximizes life, performance and compatibility
  • Enhanced process control
  • Improves processor competitiveness