Better Melt Systems

Inject-EX™ Injection Molding Machines

The patent pending Inject-EX™ System is an improved Injection Molding process that employs a non-reciprocating (stationary) helical plasticating screw housed within a heating/cooling cylinder that is coupled to a plunger head assembly, drive housing and motor that conveys, melts, homogenizes and injects molten polymeric material more precisely and efficiently, along one axis, comprising a unitary Inject-EX™ Unit.

Inject-EX™ Plasticating Systems

This revolutionary new plasticating system was designed to ensure that each pellet is exposed to the exact same amount of energy during its journey from the hopper to the mold. The result is a melt that is more uniform and homogeneous than that produced by today’s conventional reciprocating screw systems. Not only does the Inject-EX™ produce greater quality melt, but it also delivers that melt in a more precise manner due to its compact, straightforward design that results in greater accuracy and control. Inject-EX™ Systems can be retrofitted onto existing presses to turn old machines into “better than new.” They can also be designed for molding machine OEMs who want to offer greater processing control to their customers. Call us today to learn how the Inject-EX System can improve the profitability of your molding operation.