Better Melt Purging

Barrel Blitz Universal

Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) is a mechanical purging compound that provides a deep-clean of the screw and barrel in order to get the machine back to its original condition. Whether Injection or Extrusion, Barrel Blitz Universal will not just perform the color change or material change but will return the screw back to mint condition—as if brand new. BBU thrives on problem materials or processes, high to low-temperature changes, heat-sensitive materials (PVC, POM, PBT, Flame-retardant additives), metalizing ABS or PA, and high-temperature materials.

Poly Clear Prime

The New Poly Clear Prime range of products are by far the most impressive and easy to use polyolefin Hybrid purging compounds on the market today, in some cases requiring only 8% of what you would normally use to purge clean. Poly Clear Prime range has proven itself in Blow Moulding to be without equal, be it multi-head 200ml bottles all the way up to 3000 litre IBC’s, on Pipe Extrusion, Poly Clear Prime range can even change from black PE100 to yellow PE80 on basket dies historically the “holy grail” of achievements and Injection moulding, through screws and barrels and hot runners and clearing antistatic ESD materials.