Better Melt Delivery

MDP ™ Performance Non-Return Valve

The MDP™ sliding ring non-return valve offers the most consistent shut-off, longest life, and lowest pressure drop in the industry. It can be used with all resins and constructed out of several types of material. It’s advanced hydraulic flow design, and solid WC front seat virtually eliminates adhesive wear. It’s easy to install and facilitates quick material and color changes. Give us a call today and let us design and manufacture a non-return valve that’s perfectly suitedfor your specific application.

Mini-Shut™ Shut-Off Nozzle

Eliminate stringing, drooling, and the need for melt decompression with our patented Mini-Shut™ Shut-off nozzle. No need for expensive, complicated shut-offs that operate independently of actual injection. The Mini-Shut Shut-off nozzle shuts off immediately when injection pressure stops. It’s the safest, most reliable, least expensive way to eliminate stringing and drooling.They are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Inject-Ex™ Plasticating System

This revolutionary new plasticating system was designed to ensure that each pellet is exposed to the exact same amount of energy during its journey from the hopper to the mold. The result is a melt that is more uniform and homogeneous than that produced by today’s conventional reciprocating screw systems. Not only does the Inject-Ex™ produce greater quality melt, but it also delivers that melt in a more precise manner due to its compact, straightforward design that results in greater accuracy and control. Inject-Ex™ Systems can be retrofitted onto existing presses to turn old machines into “better than new.” They can also be designed for molding machine OEMs who want to offer greater processing control to their customers. Call us today to learn how the Inject-Ex System can improve the profitability of your molding operation.